STUCK Productions

STUCK is a project that I began early in 2018. Stuck is the best way I could describe how I felt during my struggle with addiction and mental illness. My motivation is to remind people that they’re not stuck. Feeling “STUCK” is a mentality. 

STUCK is dedicated to providing you with the best and most spectacular artwork and creative works around.

STUCK is not a brand! The clothes and other merch that I make is meant only to a fashionable reminder to yourself of your capabilities. You are the only one who has power of your mind and emotions. If you feel stuck, keep moving. You are the only one stopping yourself.

For more info follow me on Instagram @URNOTSTUCK

For information on joining our creative team, reach out via social media or email me at JAKETNIELSON@GMAIL.COM.

Shot in Nevada w/ Nikon 3200

DISCLAIMER: Stuck won’t give you magical abilities to be the best, I only attempt to inspire the desire to move forward despite circumstance.