Man: “I wasn’t mad until you kept pestering me, asking me if and why I was so upset. But I keep telling you woman, I ain’t upset! Not before you couldn’t shut your fucking mouth!”

Woman: (inaudible apology)

Man: “To hell with Mike and Tom, I told them I was alright, I tell you I’m alright and everyone asks if I’m upset! Fuck you, and fuck the words coming out of your mouth! I’ve done heard enough of it, y’hear?”

Woman: (inaudible)

Man: “You don’t listen dammit! I don’t wanna yell I want to talk and be nice but you keep agitating me and making me not nice and happy bitch!”

Woman: (inaudible)

Man: “I’m getting off, fuck You and fuck Tom. Motherfuckers getting in my head today, not today motherfuckers..”

[Man walks off bus as it comes to the next stop, followed by the woman reaching for the arm of his jacket and mumbling further inaudibly.]

I overheard this conversation between a couple on the bus. Neither of them smelled like they take great care of themselves and I’m not sure why I got stuck sitting next to them on the bus, but their conversation has been on my mind lately. Obviously the man has a short fuse if his friend being concerned for his mood annoys him, but the woman seemed to just take it. She cowered down and I couldn’t hear much of what she was saying. Each time though, the man made sure his voice was heard throughout the bus so everyone was clear that he wasn’t upset prior to her concern.

Why do we allow love to trap us in circumstances that we don’t completely approve of? Why do we do this?

Love is fucked.

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