The F Word Is “KILL.”

The F Word Is “Kill.”

I wanted to fuck myself.

But you know what they told me?

They said, “Hey man, that’s not safe.”

I said, “What d’you mean?”

They looked at me, and they said to me, they said “That’s not fair. It’s not fair to your family, friends or loved ones. What will they do if you fuck yourself?”

“Well they sure won’t have any grandkids”, I said.

Yeah, I wanted to fuck myself.


I mean, isn’t it the whole reason we’re here? To fuck?

When I really tried to fuck myself, I mean really tried,

They grabbed me!

They locked me away, drugged me, forced me to isolation,

and they questioned me, they asked me, “Why?”

I looked at the woman who was asking me all these questions and I said back to her,

“Do you want me to fuck other people? What’s your problem lady?”

I just wanted to fuck myself.

People do it all the time!

Everyday, in every city, someone is fucking themselves.

So why can’t I?


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