ART IS A WASTE OF TIME: A photo collection by Jake Nielson

All photos included in this page were shot and edited by Jake Nielson.

Launching a new collection, okay this is where I’m going to blow your minds. Listen up this is my latest work my latest attempt to show you how I see what you see. That’s why I take shitty pictures, because the world you keep telling me is there, isn’t the world I see. Let me show you the never ending dissatisfaction and empty void they left behind.

Can you see the distrust in the depth? How about the lighting, or the angle of that shot? If you look really closely, can you hear her screaming for me to leave?

It’s 2:30 in the morning but guess what, I’m still an artist trying to use my work as an excuse to isolate myself from the world. Call it “research” maybe I’ll write a book so I have an excuse to get sloppy drunk and lock myself in my apartment, wearing the same underwear for a few days in a row because who cares? He’s a novelist, call it method-writing, or methodic-hiding either way the book will suck. Here’s another picture;

Shot with Nikon 3200

50mm lens

Nowhere near a body of water. Not even a swimming pool.

This is where I should add another thought that could bring my point together but I think you need to realize that sometimes there’s not a point, people just do the things they do because they do them. This goes for all things.

*disclaimer: I did NOT stage the picture above, I peeked into an office building really late at night and that’s honestly what I saw on the table. The thoughts are entertaining.

Thanks for letting me waste your time.

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