UN-TITLED a photo set by Jake Nielson

Titles are important to us. They remind us of what we are doing and the direction we are headed in life. For instance, the title “Artist” tells both you and me, that I’m creating art. From that point on, you will look at me and what I do as some creative endeavor that I’ve been able to accomplish. But the creative well runs dry from time to time. Leaving me, un-titled. I feel naked without the creative banner flying over me. I feel like, if I don’t represent my work and what I want people to think of it, then I’m not really an artist.If my work is so focused on the pains and disassociation I feel, then shouldn’t I remain close to my work? How do I move forward when my life’s work is recreating pain and loneliness on paper?


I feel like everyone needs to know what I am in order for me to actually be an artist. Maybe this is the problem Kurt Cobain suffered from most. Dreading the attention and popularity, but craving the acceptance of the masses.


This piece is titled, Un-Titled.


Shot with Nikon 3200

50mm nikon lens

Mesa, AZ



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