Easing my way back into photography!

A few years ago I was attending my local community college, trying to get a degree in photography. I had taken a few classes already and was just a few months into my second semester of college when I became homeless. I was living in the back of my SUV whenever I wasn’t couch surfing with the few friends I had been able to keep after high school. I hadn’t had any luck in gaining new ones in college either. My lack of income led me to pawn my camera and all of my belongings. I guess it was my new lifestyle that led me into addiction. Anyway, being almost two years clean, renting my own apartment, and finally having a job that I don’t completely hate, I decided it was time to get my camera back. I’m still rusty but this will change! I hope to bring you lots of more content in the coming weeks. I will also be adding another page on this site for my photography.



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