Old memories.

This is an old photo.

I took this photo maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Featured in the picture is my ex-girlfriend. We’ll call her Sarah for the sake of privacy. Sarah was having a bad day that day. She struggled with mental health just like I did and still do. But me being the supportive type, I took her to goodwill to pick out props for an impromptu photo shoot. As we walked through the aisles, she noticed the porcelain mask you see in the picture, and the mirror. “Well, there’s lots of cool stuff we can do with a mirror in the desert,” she said. And she was right. So I bought them both and we loaded up in my old 4Runner towards the desert. Thankfully, living in Arizona we didn’t have to drive much farther than down the road. When we got there we shot some pictures with the mirror trying to get a reflection of some kind but it wasn’t working so well because the sun was setting. We missed that golden-hour everyone loves so much. This, and Sarah was still amidst a panic attack of some kind. So I grabbed a can of spray paint from my truck and tried to be Doctor Phil. After spraying “Fear” on the mirror, I told her to smash it. “Break through your fears,” I told her.

My point is, this is all great and romantic or whatever but we were just kids. We had no idea what fear was. We had no idea what would happen to us just a few months later when just about everything came falling apart.


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